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Inside Warwickshire CC

Warwickshire aims to offer the right support at the right time so that problems are less likely to escalate to a point where the child becomes vulnerable or in need.

The Early and Targeted Support Team offers sustainable assistance so that problems are less likely to re-occur.

Early Help


Warwickshire’s Targeted Youth Support Team’s objective is for young people to have a brighter future. Dedicated, professionally qualified youth workers use their own knowledge, skills and experience to build positive relationships with young people aged 11 to 18 years.

Targeted Youth Support


The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is a partnership between the Council, Warwickshire Police, the National Health Service (NHS) and other key partner agencies.



The Council is concerned with Children’s Development (Transformation) and is responsible for Child Friendly Warwickshire which aims to work with children and young people as well as businesses, community groups and council services. The plan will be designed to enrich the county as a place that is safe, stable and full of opportunity for young people with access to good health, education and other services.

Child Friendly Warwickshire


The Service provides support to all children and families in the County. The first point of contact is the Family Information Service. Children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities are also signposted to early help single assessment. This is designed to help agencies such as education, health, housing or the police to understand their needs.

Family Information Service and SEND


Family information Service


In 2019, Warwickshire introduced a safeguarding model based on the flexible arrangements within the Children and Social Work Act 2017.

This fits with the duty of Safeguarding Adults Boards to oversee and lead adult safeguarding across the area and focuses on the prevention of abuse and neglect. The model develops new ways of working and identifies opportunities to reduce duplication and improve practice and outcomes for children, young people and adults across the safeguarding pathway.



The Children in Care Council is made up of young people from the county – either in care or care leavers - aged 11-20. The Council acts as the voice for every child and young person in the care of Warwickshire County Council.

With empathy based on lived experience, these young people are available to support others: “We'll listen to your story if you want to tell us, and won't judge you on the things you share. We don't care where you have been, only where you are today and how we can make your tomorrow a better one.”

Children in Care Council


The Youth Justice Service works to improve the lives  of young people aged between 10 and 17 years who have offended or are likely to do so. It supports young people as they interact with the police and court processes and aims to reduce instances of crime and antisocial behaviour.

Youth Justice Service


Adoption Central England (ACE) provides adoption services and adoption support to children and families.

Adoption Central England (ACE)


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