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Securing a UK role

The perfect choice for international health and social care workers

Relocate for the perfect UK job

We know that wherever you are in the world, international relocation can be daunting. We have helped hundreds of people relocate to the UK and have used this experience to streamline the process. As a result, our dedicated and knowledgeable consultants will help you prepare for a seamless transition.

Register with Social Work England

First things first: all health and social care workers in the UK must be registered with Social Work England. We can point you in the right direction and provide the guidance you need to complete your registration and ensure you are legally compliant and ready to work in the UK.

Providing the support you need

Your personal consultant will be on hand to share insider knowledge about the roles they are suggesting for you. It’s their job to arrange interviews, in-country or by phone or Skype, and to make sure you know what to expect.

They will have detailed knowledge of the local area – crucial in the initial stages of your relocation. Specifically, they can help with the plans you need to make, the visa process, flights and accommodation etc.

"The initial plan, was to stay for two years. The reality has been different, with a number of roles with different employers, each offering greater experience and increased challenge."

A seamless transition

We encourage all our clients to provide enhanced support for their overseas health and social care workers. From day one, we want you to be successful in the UK and this support can really make the difference. You can also be confident that your consultant, and our international support team will follow your progress, and will be on hand to help if you need them.

Securing a UK role 

Our consultants know their clients well. They won’t put you forward for a role unless they are confident that you are happy, and that the client will be a good fit for you. Because they have the inside track, you can be confident you are already on a shortlist before you speak to anyone from the local authority.

Overseas interviews will either be held in-country, or by phone or Skype. Your personal consultant will give you as much support as you need during this process.

Once you are offered a role we will guide you through visa requirements. Don’t worry, we have provided hundreds of people with the guidance they need to gain the necessary documentation.