Temporary Social Workers

Flexibility and Control

As a locum social worker you have the ability to experience and focus on front line issues. You’ll find that there’s lots of freedom to choose between roles and locations in order to develop your career.

Pay Rates

Being a locum social worker can be financially rewarding. Pay rates are typically higher than those you would be offered in a permanent role. If you’re looking to maximise potential earnings in a specific geographic location, short term social work jobs could be perfect.

Work Life Balance

Locum contracts tend to be time-specific, and often come with protected case-loads. We find that our workers enjoy the ability to manage their time effectively, and spend more time with friends and family than they’re used to.

Change is as good as rest

Having the option to work with different service users, work in different environments or work with different authorities, can be refreshing! It can allow you to experience a variety of cultures, broader spread of cases and learn new systems, keeping you stimulated and enthusiastic towards the world of social work.

Agency Workers Regulations

These regulations protect all agency workers. From day one, you have access to the same facilities as your permanent colleagues. After 12 weeks in the same job, the equal treatment entitlements relate to pay and other basic working conditions (annual leave, rest breaks etc).

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