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Family Group Coordinator

Jacqui, Family Group Coordinator

I would like my enthusiasm towards a fantastic consultant, named Bayan Rostami, who introduced himself to me a couple of months ago, be shown. 

I must most definitely give praise where praise is due, as from the first day Bayan contacted me and introducing himself to me, he had a flare of confidence & positive approach & very good customer care which had me instantly liking this mans dedication, professionalism and belief in himself he showed to his job/role.

Bayan asked me what my needs were for a role, what type of role I was looking for, rate, location etc & expressed that he would do his best to meet my needs as if he found me something outside of my ideal request, in the long run it probably wouldn't work out for neither me nor him in terms of my longevity of staying in a role and being happy in it, & having to start the ball rolling again for another one, wasting both his & my time.

I truly believed Bayan understood, cared & listened to what I wanted to find in my next role and a couple weeks/months after introducing himself to me, Bayan has made me extremely happy by finding me a role 15 minutes from my home, which met mine & my family commitments.

I am truly grateful & impressed with Bayan coming up trumps & true to his word in doing his best to fulfil my working needs.

Thank you Bayan & well done Sonny (manager) at Pertemps for recruiting a lovely, ambitious man. Bayan brings something special to the world of recruitment, trust me I know, I've been a locum for over 15 years, if not more now. 

All that's left to say is that I am one very happy candidate!

Jacqui, Family Group Coordinator