Living and Working: South West England

Living and Working: South West England

Living and Working: South West England

Jurassic coastline, grassy meadows and elegant architecture. The South West of England is home to some of England’s most tranquil and elegant attractions. Dorset, Devon and Cornwall are counties that offer peaceful surroundings for its residents, whilst the region’s cities Bristol and Bath, offer a more vibrant and upbeat destination. Due to the different prospects each location offers within the South West of England, it is no surprise it is becoming a more attractive destination for people to live and work in.

We take a look at all you need to know about working and living within this up and coming region and why you may love working here.


The South West of England provides a variety of attractions for its residents. Combining the vibrancy of Bristol and Bath with the scenic locations of Cornwall and Devon, this area is a magnet for residents in the UK to visit, or quite possibly relocate to. Furthermore, there are many pleasant towns and villages scattered around the region which you can explore on weekends, or in your spare time.

The Roman Baths, 96 miles of Jurassic coastline and Stonehenge are the main attraction points in this region. Additionally, you can find museums, cathedrals, food markets and even attend one of many festivals that the region hosts. The possibilities are endless and we’re sure you can find things to keep you entertained. For a full list of exciting attractions in the South West of England, take a look here.


Like most regions, property prices can fluctuate depending on size and location. Detached properties were most popular for residents within the South West of England, being purchased on average at around £409,219.

The South West, on average, can be a little bit more expensive than the nearby West Midlands, but is a lot cheaper than London and the South East of England. The table below looks at the average house price per county in the South West of England.


District Average house price
Bristol £309,885
Cornwall £357,627
Devon £205,711
Dorset £451,949
Gloucestershire £270,564
Somerset £403,590
Wiltshire £415,454

Property prices do fluctuate between sizing and locations. If you have a specific town in mind you would like to live in, you can find the approximate valuation of properties here.


Home to 16 schooling authorities across the region, the South West of England has an array of primary and secondary schools across the region. With over 2,000 primary schools and 400 secondary schools, finding the perfect institution for your children could not be easier!

You can also find 13 universities here, including the University of Exeter, University of Bath, Bournemouth University and many more.


With just over 23,000 kmof land, travelling within the region is rarely a challenge, with the amount of public transport on offer. Some locations offer 24 hour services, which is extremely beneficial, however you can gain a better understanding on how to travel within the region here.

Moreover, if you would like to visit cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, the M3, M4 and M5 all run through the South West of England and can connect you with the M1 or M6 to get you there efficiently. You can also use the many train providers to get you across the country with ease. Take a look at estimated journey times, here.


The South West of England offers a variety of living experiences for its residents and is becoming a more attractive location in the UK to reside in.

If you are a social worker and fancy the opportunity to experience life in the UK for yourself, you can find more information about the roles and support we offer to international candidates here.