How a Recruitment Agency can help with your Job Search

How a Recruitment Agency can help with your Job Search Article

How a Recruitment Agency can help with your Job Search

Searching for a new job can really take it out of you.  Sending lots of applications out, receiving no feedback if your application is rejected and difficulty finding your perfect role through job boards can be draining and demotivating. This is where a recruitment agency can help. Let’s take a look at how a recruitment agency can help you find your dream job.

  1. Tailored Search

When you use a recruitment agency to help you on your job search, you will be assigned your own personal consultant, who will gain an understanding of the requirements you would like with your next job. This can be anything from location, pay rates and even level of position. An agency can offer a more tailored search for yourself, and consultants will put forward your CV for roles that match the criteria you have requested.

  1. Support and Guidance

Different job roles have different specifications. Applicants tend to send the same CV for roles that may differ slightly from one another. Having a consultant will help you tailor your CV to specifically match the job description, increasing your chances of getting invited to an interview.

Consultants can furthermore help prepare you for an interview, giving you an insight to possible questions you may be asked and the perfect response to them. Their knowledge of the job market and client expectations will help you shine in the eyes of the employer!

  1. Manageable Job Hunt

When sending out multiple applications to a range of companies, you can get a lot of responses. Preparing for different interviews at different organisations with a range of times can often cause confusion.

This is where a consultant can take the weight off your shoulders by sending your CV to targeted clients, organising your interviews, and providing mentoring and coaching for the future. They can also provide you with details regarding the employer to help you focus your efforts and give you the best possible chance of securing your dream role!

  1. Ongoing Relationship

It won’t be a one-off relationship with an agency or consultant.  If you make a good impression and build a relationship with them, you could potentially use them again in the future. This would ideal if you are placed in short term/locum positions.

Furthermore, once you start working for an organisation, if they are looking to fill vacancies, you can get in touch with a recruitment agency to help you find the best candidates to join your company!

  1. Feedback

There is nothing more frustrating than being rejected for a position and receiving no reason as to why an employer has made that decision. Employers inform consultants on aspects that could have been improved on during an interview. This feedback from your consultants will help you understand what areas you can improve on for the future and help you get your dream job sooner, rather than later!

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