The rise in the cost of living leads to increases in homelessness: What does this mean for social workers?


The rise in the cost of living leads to increases in homelessness

What does this mean for social workers?

The ongoing cost of living crisis and housing shortage in England has contributed to a significant increase in homelessness. Recent data from the charity Shelter paints a stark picture, revealing that over 300,000 individuals are currently without a home, nearly half of whom are children.

At Pertemps Social Care, our ears pricked up when we heard that Luton is up there as one of the non-London towns dealing with the highest number of homeless people. With one in 66 people classified as homeless, the local authority certainly has a lot going on.

The homeless population in Luton consists of individuals living on the streets as well as those in temporary accommodation, with over 3,200 people affected.

Like social workers working right across the country, Luton’s social workers are well aware that a wide array of complex factors can lead to homelessness and that providing support to the people affected is not always easy. Poverty is obviously a factor, and a lack of affordable housing, but underlying issues such as relationship breakdown, mental health challenges and substance misuse can often lie at the root of homelessness.

Adult social workers continue to grapple with the situation and recognise that homelessness is a multifaceted issue. Whilst they carry out needs assessments, connect individuals with emergency accommodation and address underlying challenges such as debt and unemployment, they are also keen to build up networks and strong relationships with partner agencies on behalf of the people they’re supporting.

In Luton, social workers are actively pursuing initiatives to address homelessness, including collaborative efforts with neighbouring authorities to increase housing stock. As part of the Luton 2040 vision, ambitious targets have been set to halve the number of households in temporary accommodation and deliver thousands of new homes, including affordable options for residents.

Pertemps Social Care: How can we help?

At Pertemps Social Care, we have a team of specialist recruitment consultants who are working closely with Luton Borough Council to find them the talented and committed social workers they need. We’re confident that Luton’s adult social work teams are well structured and receive the support they need from senior managers. We offer excellent careers advice, and have the knowledge and expertise candidates need when they’re considering a new role with a local authority.

What next?

If you’re passionate about making a difference, and are seeking the opportunity to support adults experiencing homelessness and other challenges, we can help you find an opportunity to suit.

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Shelley Walker heads up Pertemps Social Care’s permanent vacancies team. She works closely with local authorities to find them the social workers they need.