There are just two weeks left to renew your registration! |
There Are Just Two Weeks Left To Renew Your Registration

There are just two weeks left to renew your registration!

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We’ve been talking about the changes to social worker registration since the summer. Time really has flown, and the deadline for registration renewal is literally just around the corner.

We know that most social workers were quick to activate their online account with Social Work England, but it has taken longer for them to upload their CPD – a mandatory element for renewing registration.  

This must be completed by 30 November.

Those social workers who have failed to upload CPD by 30 November will be asked to do so within the next 21 days. If they do not comply, they will be removed from the register.

You cannot renew your registration without uploading a piece of CPD.

There is clear guidance about how to record CPD online, and the following tips are a good starting point:

  • Summarise your CPD in a document such as Word and save it regularly to avoid losing anything.
  • When you start your online record, make sure you answer all the questions. You won’t be able to submit your CPD otherwise.
  • Stick to the prescribed word limits. If you exceed them, you may lose some of your work.
  • Avoid any information which could identify others – all CPD records must be anonymised.
  • Importantly – don’t forget to submit your record. Select ‘Submit CPD at the end of the form to finish off.

If you have any problems with your renewal, your PPR consultant will be able to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.