The benefits of taking control in Children’s Mental Health Week |
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The benefits of taking control in Children’s Mental Health Week

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When The Children’s Commissioner asked young people about how they felt about their mental health earlier this year, over 20% of the 500,000 respondents were unhappy, making mental health the top issue they were unhappy with.

Fortunately, we can all have a positive impact on the children and young people in our lives.

Taking charge is really empowering

So much of our day to day lives is out of our control, and it’s often worse for children and young people. Encouraging them to take charge of the things they do have power over is really empowering.

  • It may seem dull, but a solid routine can help. Aside from the imposed timetables of school, college, etc. keeping to regular mealtimes can help. What doesn’t seem better, easier, more manageable after a healthy breakfast? Adopting a sensible night time routine will mean that sleep patterns benefit too. Giving the body and brain the opportunity to revive, a good night’s sleep will help the immune system and guard against mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.
  • Making a plan for the week, rather than just a day at a time will help young people take stock, pace themselves, and avoid feelings of helplessness.

Community is what it’s all about

The pandemic meant that children and young people were physically distanced from the adults they would normally spend time with outside the family. They missed out on the support they get from caring professionals who usually monitor and support their wellbeing.

Loneliness and isolation intensify the symptoms of poor mental health. Picking up the phone or better still, meeting friends, family – or anyone – face to face strengthens those crucial links. They won’t regret it, and everyone involved will benefit from the chance to catch up.

Fresh air is magic   

Taking a break from time to time is vital. Being outside is even better! Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, boosting concentration skills, energy levels, and your body’s ability to protect itself from bacteria and other germs. It’s also a fool-proof way to generate extra serotonin, and enjoy a mood boost from the all those happy hormones.

Cake can save lives! 

How often do you see Mary Berry without a smile on her face? Enough said.

Seriously though, there’s never been a more important time to think about wellbeing. None of this is easy, and we need to help each other to be in the best shape we can be.

Being resilient, adaptable and responsive can be exhausting, and everyone needs support from time to time. As social care professionals, we all have goals, for ourselves and the children and young people in our care, but this week, taking charge and passing on a feeling of empowerment may be enough.

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