The Advantages of Locum Social Work |
The Advantages Of Locum Social Work

The Advantages of Locum Social Work

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We understand that permanent work is not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore locum work offers you the opportunity to have career flexibility, maintain a healthy work life balance and gain more control of your life. We explore the benefits that comes with being a locum social worker.

Flexibility and Control

As a locum social worker you have the ability to experience and focus on different front line issues, so whether you want experience in children services or mental health care, you can choose where you go and what area you gain experience in. Furthermore, if you would like a 6 week summer break to spend time with the kids, perhaps go travelling for a couple of months or even just need a prolonged break, being a locum worker allows you to have control of your life!

Pay Rates

Being a locum social worker can be financially rewarding. Due to the short term contracts locum workers are offered, you are entitled to significantly higher pay rates in comparison to your permanent colleagues. This can be particularly attractive for those who are looking to maximise potential earnings in specific geographic locations. Take a look at various, approximate geographical pay rates here:

Work Life Balance

As you will be contracted to certain working hours, being a locum worker provides you with the opportunity to do what you enjoy in your spare time. This means you can spend more time with friends and families, have additional leisure time or even catch up with your favourite television programmes! Even if you would like to travel for a few months, you can keep in touch with your agency to ensure you have a position lined up for when you return.

Change is as good as rest

Having the option to work with different service users, work in different environments or work with different authorities, can potentially be refreshing! It can allow you to experience a variety of cultures, broader spread of cases and learn new systems, keeping you stimulated and enthusiastic towards the world of social work.

Agency Workers Regulations

The Agency Workers Regulations came into force in England, Scotland and Wales as of 1st October 2011. The regulations protects temporary or locum workers hired through an agency and offers agency workers equal treatment to permanent workers when it comes to pay and working conditions after 12 weeks of continuous service in the same job role.

Range of Opportunities

The locum market is in high demand. Opportunities can be found across the country, so finding a placement for yourself will not be difficult. Find the latest opportunities available on our website, LinkedIn page, Facebook page, contact us via the traditional means of email or on the phone (0203 897 1477).