Now’s the time! Renew your registration online |
Nows The Time Renew Your Registration Online

Now’s the time! Renew your registration online

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Social Work England’s registration period is now open. All practitioners must activate and access their online account.

Registration involves creating a password and uploading one piece of continuing professional development, as well as ensuring all their information is correct and paying the £90 renewal fee.

Some social workers have worried about the new system, but SWE is unapologetic about the mandatory registration criteria – which includes recording CPD – and has addressed a number of formatting and technical issues.

Catherine Witt, Regional Engagement Lead is keen to emphasise the benefits of recording CPD: “Whether you’ve read an article relevant to your practice, attended a training course, or simply reflected on how you handled a situation at work,” recording it as CPD ensures that the learning and growth of the social work profession is captured. “Recording CPD benefits your practice, the people who need your support, and the social work profession as a whole”, she says.

There is clear guidance about how to record CPD online, and the following tips are a good starting point:

  • Summarise your CPD in a document such as Word and save it regularly to avoid losing anything.
  • When you start your online record, make sure you answer all the questions. You won’t be able to submit your CPD otherwise.
  • Stick to the prescribed word limits. If you exceed them, you may lose some of your work.
  • Avoid any information which could identify others – all CPD records must be anonymised.
  • Importantly – don’t forget to submit your record. Select ‘Submit CPD at the end of the form to finish off.

You have until 30 November 2020 to renew your registration, but you should activate your online account as soon as possible. You need to ensure you have enough time to record your CPD and check that your details are up to date.

If in doubt, your PPR consultant will be able to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.