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Writing Your CV

Writing Your Cv

Writing Your CV

Job Search Advice

When it comes to job searching your CV is paramount. It is often your first introduction to a prospective employer, so it is important that your CV is clear, easy to follow and relevant to the role you are applying for. Every CV is different as you want to show why your set of skills makes you suitable for the position you are applying for but all follow a similar structure. Here are the sections that you must include in your CV:

Personal Details

You should always include your full name, contact telephone number, email address and postal address at the top of your CV. Ensure that these details are correct, as if not, this may cause delays in your Consultant getting in touch with you about prospective opportunities.

Professional Experience

Your work experience should be listed in chronological order, starting with your current or most recent employment. For each role, ensure you include the job title, the employer, the dates of employment and the location. Following this, provide a short summary explaining your duties, responsibilities and any significant achievements in that time.

Qualifications and Training

It is essential for you to include your qualifications and your relevant professional body membership (including membership number) on your CV. List your qualifications in chronological order starting with the most recent and ensure that the following information is covered, title of the course or training programme, dates, where you studied and the qualification gained.

Formatting Length

Employers only have limited time to read through CVs, therefore you must ensure that your CV is concise but also provides your Consultant or prospective employer with the necessary information. The average CV in the UK is two to three A4 pages, however this is a guide only and some professions require more detail. If you consider your CV to be too long, review the layout and ensure the information you have provided is relevant to the job you are applying for.


It is easiest to use MS Word or a similar programme to write your CV. We recommend you limit the use of text box or tables and ensure that headings are bold and clear. As your CV is a professional document, it is recommended that you avoid decorative fonts and suggest you stick with using easily readable and professional fonts such as Calibri or Arial in 11 or 12 point. Finally, always ensure you thoroughly proof read your CV and ask a friend or family member to review to ensure the document is free of spelling or grammatical errors and is clear to read.

We recommend you save your CV as a simple Word or PDF document so it is easily accessible for your Consultant and prospective employer.

Further Assistance

If you are having difficulty writing your CV, please contact Pertemps Professional Recruitment and one of our specialist Consultants will be able to help and advise you.