Using Social Media for your Job Search |
Using Social Media For Your Job Search

Using Social Media for your Job Search

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Chloe Bodley

Employers and recruiters now tend to use social media platforms as part of their screening process to find out more about their applicants. However, social media has been an underrated tool for job seekers when seeking a role. Here are some simple techniques to make the most of social media and why you should make it a big part of your job search strategy.

  1. Think before you post

It is great to have social media profiles as you may come across some amazing job opportunities. However, it is essential to be conscious as to what you share/post, since more employers use social media to find out more about their applicants. Try to avoid sharing anything you may not want to be seen by a future employer.

  1. Professional vs Personal?

Different social media platforms have a variety of audiences. Think about who you connect with and the content you share. We recommended to perhaps use Facebook to interact with friends and colleagues, whilst using LinkedIn to remain purely professional when looking for your perfect job. However, do keep a look out on all channels, as opportunities can be posted on all platforms.

  1. LinkedIn – Your Online CV

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a living and breathing CV. Not only can you showcase your previous experience, but you can also sell your skills by using relevant key words that employers or recruiters will look for.

Therefore, if you are looking for a career in social work, sharing industry trends and topics whilst adding your own opinion is a great way to voice your opinion and show recruiters you are up to date with current trends and initiatives.

  1. Networking

Building your connections, whether it is past employees or university course mates, is an excellent way to create links in your industry. You never know who might potentially be hiring or perhaps know someone who is.

Additionally, announcing you are actively seeking a role to your connections through a post could increase your chances of finding a role. For example, creating a post that broadcasts what role you are looking for could potentially lead to your connections pointing you in the direction of recruiters or potential employers!

  1. Interview Preparation

It is becoming more common for organisations to post company news and announcements via their social media channels. Keeping up to date with what they are up to is a great way to show your enthusiasm for a role you have applied for.

  1. Search for Jobs

It may sound obvious, but it is easy to forget the volume of jobs listed on social media platforms. Using the search function on these platforms, or using LinkedIn’s  to tailor your job search and subscribing to job alerts are great ways to stay one step ahead and apply for roles as soon as they are listed.

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