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Urgent Ex Social Workers #Pickupthephone

Urgent: Ex-social workers #pickupthephone


Andrew Anastasiou

It’s becoming clearer by the day that everyone in the country simply must do what we can to help our communities through this coronavirus outbreak. At PPR, we’re taking this challenge personally.

Social workers are playing a critical role – on the frontline, and behind the scenes – as they continue to protect millions of people on a daily basis. Sadly, we’re all too aware that the issues faced by children on the child protection register or vulnerable adults will not go away during social distancing or lockdown.

This is why I’m putting a direct call out to all previously registered social workers in England. Please consider coming back: #pickupthephone to the team at PPR. We will talk you through temporary registration, and where your help would be most useful.

You have the crucial skills, experience and commitment to help the country during this period of unprecedented upheaval and our communities and our country need you.

London: 0203 897 1477

Warrington: 0161 509 1045

Alternatively, you can register with us here and one of our consultants will be in touch.