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I Know This Is A Health Emergency Its Also A Social Crisis

“I know this is a health emergency. It’s also a social crisis.”


One parent weighs up her daughter’s independence against the need to protect her and her support workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

In 2010, Lorraine Currie watched her daughter’s treatment for a severe traumatic brain injury. She spent six weeks on a ventilator, before moving on to a CPAP machine. It’s not surprising that COVID-19 has a particular resonance for Lorraine: “I am traumatised by the memory so much so that I can’t watch the news. I never want to go back there again”.

Although her daughter’s brain injury was a family tragedy, Lorraine works as an MCA and DoLS Manager in Shropshire and her experience has contributed to a greater understanding of the need for personalised care and responsive services. In her recent blog, Walking through the COVID-19 landscape, Lorraine considers the role of the carer during the current crisis. She describes the “challenging decision making” and an essential assessment of the value of the “invisible scaffolding” which supports her daughter’s independence in relation to the demands she is making on the PAs who are integral to that set up.

It’s great to see wider recognition for the invaluable work being carried out by PAs, social care assistants and support workers across the UK. Social Work England’s chief Executive, Colum Conway acknowledges: “people who need support in our society are more vulnerable than ever right now” and our communities are reliant on these frontline workers to ensure they are cared for.

Pertemps Professional Recruitment is proud to be playing its part during this crisis. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people in the Liverpool region who have experience working in a Social Care background as a Support Worker or Care Assistant who can assist individuals retain their independence through person-centred planning and enablement.

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Pertemps Professional Recruitment places social workers within public and private organisations throughout the UK. We’re proud of our reputation for high standards and empathetic approach towards our workers and the employers we introduce them to.

We never lose sight of what really matters: providing outstanding service to our candidates and clients who provide help to society’s most vulnerable children and adults. We know that our workers often experience tough and challenging circumstances, and we’re aware that the coronavirus outbreak is making this harder than ever.

Special thanks to Lorraine Currie, whose blog Walking through the COVID-19 landscape was published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence on 16 April 2020.