Social Worker – Locality Team

Social Worker - Locality Team

Posted 3 weeks ago


A Safeguarding Business Manager plays a crucial role in protecting vulnerable people.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Supporting Safeguarding Boards: Managers provide administrative, logistical and strategic support to Safeguarding Boards, which can be community or council based. Examples include Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships (SCPs) or Safeguarding Adults Boards.
  • Facilitating Multi-Agency Work: Play a key role in bringing together various agencies, such as social services, police, and healthcare, to ensure a coordinated approach to safeguarding vulnerable individuals.
  • Information Management: Manage data and reports related to safeguarding concerns, ensuring they are documented and communicated effectively.
  • Policy and Procedures: Safeguarding Business Managers may also be involved in developing and implementing safeguarding policies and procedures within their organization.
  • Training and Awareness: Some may contribute to raising awareness of safeguarding issues within the community and training staff in recognizing and responding to concerns.

This is an agency post and Pertemps can offer you:

  • A Dedicated consultant who has access to all roles across the UK and is available for you to speak to
  • An easy registration process (all done online)
  • Referral schemes and incentives
  • Ongoing compliance managed for you
  • Prompt and reliable payroll and lots more

If you would like to discuss this role further, please contact or 07471306880.