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Team Leader Adecco

Team Leader, Adecco

I would like to recommend the services of Pertemps Professional Recruitment. I have been using Pertemps for the recruitment of qualified and unqualified care in 14 boroughs and have always been completely satisfied with the amazing service they provide. 

The consultants are passionate and professional and always work hard to fulfil the needs of the local authorities they are working with. They have a very good reputation in the world of social care and locums respect the market knowledge they have as a team. 

Pertemps is particularly good at special projects. One of the local authorities I manage needed six R&A Social Workers to start as sSoon as possible. onny and his team filled all but one of the roles. They worked very well to the tight deadline and kept the client fully briefed with the progress. 

Audit and vetting is normally the thing that holds up agencies as most local authorities work on an up-front audit, but the audit team within Pertemps pass audit first time and always have all of the documentation required and sent back within 24 hours of the offer being sent out.

I would highly recommend the services of Pertemps.

Emma, Team Leader, Adecco