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Social Worker

Sithembiso, Social Worker

"I have found myself in a position where I do not know where to start in singing my praises of the sterling job that my consultant does - without going over the top!

Being an agency/locum worker in general can be daunting, but my consultant continues to demonstrate his dedication and commitment to providing and offering support both before and after placing me in an assignment. The narrative below serves to highlight this. 

The entire process was a smooth, positive and successful experience for me. I give PPR my highest commendation. My consultant is dedicated and a good listener. He worked really hard to get me into an assignment, checking that I am settling well, chasing time-sheets to ensure I am paid in a timely manner and reminding me to submit my hours.

My consultant is “humane” and I can talk to him about my work situation without mincing my words. He gives sound advice to consider. My direct manager has also written to my consultant to appraise him of my work situation and he kindly shared this reference with me.

I'm happy to be sharing the above to express my gratitude and appreciation of the high quality/standard and additional support offered by your organisation.

I hope your organisation recognises the good work your consultants are doing to fly the organisation's flag.

I only have pleasant things to say about Pertemps and feel lucky to be working with you.

Sithembiso, Social Worker