Jackie Whateley | www.pertempssocialcare.co.uk


Jackie has spent almost 20 years in public sector recruitment. During that time, she has worked closely with a wide variety of local authorities and private organisations across the UK. As a result, she has built an exceptional network of clients and candidates across the sector.

Jackie is known for her honest and transparent recruitment processes. Over the years, she has developed a holistic approach to human capital management, and typically helps her clients with a combination of mid-level management consultancy and project-based, executive search and recruitment solutions.

In addition to a BA in Business and Information Studies, Jackie has an MSc in Leadership and Management and she has spent more than a decade leading, developing and mentoring successful recruitment teams.

Anyone who knows Jackie knows her to be incredibly positive and enthusiastic - and she likes nothing more than talking about social care. If you would like to discuss your career, or your recruitment needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.